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Fuel Delivery

waiheke-diesel-truckOur Waiheke Fuels division provides diesel refuelling services on Waiheke. Contact us for all of your diesel fuel requirements.


Boat Re-fueling

We also offer a Boat Re-fuelling service (diesel only) at Matiata Wharf acting as a floating pontoon boat stop. This service is available to anyone, 24/7. We have an on-shore facility as well for larger re-fuelling quantity’s.


The Matiatia refuelling point has automated payment facility where we can accept eftpos and all major credit cards for refuelling.

Onsite Diesel RefuellingMatiatia Refuelling

Can be delivered for the purposes of quarry machinery, earthworks machinery, generator refuelling, farming, diggers, and horticulture.

Waiheke Fuels Direct Contact
ph: 027 4461 265